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What’s up RoQ Riffs!!! How is Thursday treating you???

All this website talk on here and I almost forgot to celebrate the fact I’m now the co-host of a pretty dope FM situation on the radio, out in Phoenix, AZ. Myself and Nick Norris go by “The Clean Up Crew” and can be heard Thursday nights at 11:59 PM on KWSS 93.9 / 99.1 / Q 106.7 in the Arizona regions as well as

Each week, we will be providing that up-to-damn-date underground / indie hiphop goodness for your ear buds .. because you deserve it, America! Hope to create a fun listening experience for you all tuning in, with pretty ill ideas in store to lead us into the next season.

Definitely want to shout out Worst Case Scenario for putting the stars together and the perfect lateral of the radiowave football..

So.. that means there is an episode TONIGHT… tune in.. it’s going to be an interesting one.

Artists , Producers, and DJs looking to land on the show can submit their work and bio to with the subject RADIO SUBMISSION – (your name / song ) .

Just make sure the work is of quality. This includes the audio quality. Don’t send anything that sounded like you recorded it in your car during your 15 minute break at work.

You know who I’m talking to..

LOL, in all seriousness.. I look forward to hearing some dope music in the submissions box. Since the show is also broadcast online, you won’t just be heard in the Phoenix HipHop sector, either, thanks to our ever-evolving involvement from our fellow hiphop heads across pond!  So send em through.  Just… no swaggy-swaggy-trappy-trappy music.. there’s plenty of other stations and segments for that!

For all those who contribute more by listening.. because you, the listener, are the most powerful person in this.. We’ll see yall tonight at 11:59 pm !! !!  And you can follow us on as well as TWITTER!! 

Here’s last week’s episode

Okay RoQ Riffs.. out for now! Shout out where you’re reading this / listening to the radio show from and I’ll make sure to give you a shout out on this episode or the next !


Peeeeeaaaaace !!


– RoQy



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