Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey This Is TyRaiD!!

YEEOOOO!!!!   Oprah, We Made It!!!!!!   This is everything, right now.  Okay, let me collect myself here. This this is a formal occasion, let me provide a formal reintroduction..  I am RoQy TyRaiD… and welcome to TheCultureIsBack.com.   This will serve as the go-to for all  “RoQy”-related.  Man, I can actually say that now. You know how hype I am?


This brand new site is certainly a labor of love, and believe me when I say this is only the beginning for this website. Music? Check. Videos? Check. Tour info? Of course.  On top of all that are things such as the message board (The Podium) to introduce yourself as well as share various things of interest, the shop for latest merch and other dope memorabilia for all you dope RoQ Riffs heads.  I mean , expect more than just music. I’m a pretty well-rounded individual; you might hear me spaz on subjects ranging from latest artists, to movies, art, crazy political events, Game of Thrones.. oh yes.. definitely Game of Thrones.  Whatever, man.  This is not just a place for me to provide monologue, this is equally YOUR site as it is mine.  When I speak of  The RoQ Riffs, I envision a community where like minded individuals can spark dialogue over absolutely anything. All folks from different walks of life. No one man or woman above the rest. This is your community — and by participating in what goes on, whether it is logging onto this page, copping merch online or at shows, or even simply listening to the music, you are a part of this “RoQ Riffs”.   So with that said, if I post something, feel free to comment right back!  If I drop something on here and provide information which you might find 100% accurate, educate us all.  Equal playing ground, my people!  Always open to input from the home team!


And in a much broader sense, that is what the phrase “The Culture Is Back” is about; a universal appreciation for life. Hip-Hop is universal. It is harmonic.  I’d even say it’s more than the Five Elements. It is an easel– and that is what I want this site to represent. Everything.  (Ever-ry-thing?)

After a while, I’ll start taking music submissions. Which I equally anticipate and dread LOL!!  For now, let’s keep the frog in lukewarm water and get acclimated to this new environment, cool?

So take your time, browse through the site, go overload on that “new webpage smell”, and lets start breaking this thing in.   Have a few things coming up, which you will know about, soon enough. My album The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD , a few visuals, my tour The Future Prospects Tour with  underground hip hop artists Koncept & J57 of Brown Bag All-Stars (Audible, waddap!)  .. and a couple more things, at that. Busy, busy, busy!!   Plus, various mini-site events , so make sure you stop through daily!


Alright, until next time..  I’m out  Denzel-style.    Peeeaaaace

– RoQ



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