NEW VIDEO!! “Crown Me”

Yooo!! RoQ Riffs!! Ya’ll good?!?!

Let’s just get down to it.. new video time.  It’s about time I unveil my latest visual, this one titled “Crown Me”.  Felt like adjusting my fro in the most creative of ways, so my man Nabeyin provided the easel and I went to work.

The motive behind the video was simple: I’m a cult artist at this point of time, and these are some of my favorite cult movies. Characters and dynamics larger in life yet so esoteric and belonging to their own microcosm.

Derrick Reed, who I have worked with on joints such as “Hey You”, “Break Shit”, and obviously “Woosah”, pitched an idea of merging the world of cinematography together with my art and, as a result, we have this.

So here we go:  CROWN ME!!

I’ll go ahead and add both the Youtube and Vevo because we’re indie-pendent and we need those clicks. Ha.

Special shoutout to Jonathan Matthews, and Jean Carlo Mendez. Special props to my man Nick “Nomad” Norris as well as Garin Chadwick.

Let me know what ya’ll think. Spread the word, too.

The Culture Is Back – RoQy TyRaiD


Crown Me (Official Video) by RoQy TyRaiD on VEVO.



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