The Adventures of Slick RoQ – Wake Up Show Unplugged

Here’s a little throwback from 7 months ago. Invited out to LA to rock with Sway, Tech, DJ Revolution, Skyyhook, a TON of grammy winning instrumentalists, and some ILL emcees for what was the first edition of THE WAKE UP SHOW UNPLUGGED. Did not know what to expect. Caught off guard and put to the test in true Wake Up Show fashion. It was an honor to be in the same class as legendary lyricists — some individuals who influenced me to not only rhyme, but help push the envelope. Figured I’d share this personal bucketlist of an event, since I’m frequently asked about experiences at WUS. Can’t even lie, I was a bit nervous as hell.. lol. Once we all went through out soundchecks and calibrations, though, I felt awash with determination. My only concern was making sure I stayed in autopilot and my lyrics were enunciated correctly. Essentially, I treated it like any “other” show, as to not throw myself off with the subconscious realization “oh SHIT..I’ve been ON the Wake Up Show.. but I’m here.. IN the Wake Up Show”. It’s that little bit of intimidation, though, that keeps you on your toes. Can’t be too comfortable and you obviously can’t be too intimidated or anxious.

It was awesome seeing other other emcees of my generation do their thing. Bodega Brovas. Audible Doctor. Senica Da Misfit. Jasiri X, to name a few. Oh.. seeing an emcee of legend such as Crooked I rock it.. absolutely BODIED it. West Coast Vet Bishop Lamont with the ill freestyle. To receive approval of my art within the Indie Underground HipHop field The World Famous by even allowing me there.. started a whole new chapter in my career. Things were already on the up & up prior to that.. this was my Saturn V Rocket moment. Now, for the uninitiated, here is my in-person debut on The Wake Up Show:

You can also check out the WUS hour segment dedicated to myself , from the date both the show and the unplugged segment aired: check it out..

For the rest of the Wake Up Show Unplugged Videos featuring handpicked talent from our new generation,  go ahead and click  RIIIIIIIIIGHT ***HERE*** .

And of course, you can always..and SHOULD always check out  King Tech, Sway, Dj Revolution, and Skyyhook on The Wake Up Show  Mondays 5PM PST on Shade45 / Sirius with previous shows recapped in podcast format  riiiiiiiiiiiiight  HERE.     There, now you have no excuse. I gave you the keys to audio greatness.

Outside of my segment, what are some of your other favorites from this edition of WUS: Unplugged??   I have a few but I don’t want to subconsciously influence your decisions. Post yours and  then I’ll post mine.. LETS GO!!


– RoQ



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