THE DICHOTOMY of RoQy TyRaiD is LIVE on Kickstarter!!!

Pictured: An Indie Rapper’s “Golden Parachute”

RoQ Riffs!! What’s good!! Damnit, it’s been FAR TOO LONG!!  I decided to make it up to ya’ll by having the site revamped and basically pretending this lapse of material never happened. Don’t tell anyone, bro. We’re fam, right?? Secret’s safe..?



This is why I don’t trust ya’ll. Let’s just proceed.   Sooo *ahem*   CHECK THIS OUT…

The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD, my first official album, is on it’s way! This pet project of mine has been worked on, restarted, refined, redefined, rearranged, and is now set to be released!

This is something I’ve been waiting to give the world for quite some time and I know you’re going to love it. Of course you have the advanced lyricism people have grown to love; you’ll have introspective takes on creativity; odes to perseverance; love; crazy stories; cerebral pieces; songs to vicariously kick buildings over to… you name it. I feel it really captures the human spirit.  The beats are absolutely marvelous. The accompanying visuals.. just wait.

Going to hold back on giving away all the dope details , just yet, but I do want to let you know this is slated to drop.. and in an epic fashion.

Basically, it’s time to take things to another tier. I’ve decided to take this on, myself. We live in a world of DIY, grass-roots movements and Hip-Hop, as you know, is quintessentially community-centric.. so why not engage with the community and get this off the ground ourselves ??

This leads me to the official Kickstarter Campaign for the project!!

I originally had my hesitations about doing Crowdfunding Campaigns after seeing the abuse of it within the blogosphere, particularly by rappers. But then I started thinking about it from the perspective that I have when analyzing artists within the realm of hip-hop. There is just not a lot to believe in, nowadays. Especially when it comes to our generation, which I understand!

What really became the impetus for pressing the “Go Button” was the realization that people do believe in this craft. Let’s keep it one-hundred percent honest, here, I’m not exactly known for bombarding people with music. Yet, ya’ll still stuck and stick around, coasting off my last release awaiting new material. Constantly asking me for my next joint. Powerfully humbling. That is absolutely humbling.

It felt like a sign to just go ahead and place the power back in the indie hands. Why not just make sure this project can get out, by any means, and then go from there? So really, this motivation to create a grass-roots campaign is solely based on like-minded supporters such as you. Thank you.

Because within a matter of days, NOT EVEN A FULL WEEK, we’ve made astounding progress…

All we can do from here is continue to go upwards. This level of support compels me to give 110% for you all. Just like you all stood by my work for as long as you have, I will continue to provide music which accentuates the experiences of your lives; on stage, off stage, visuals, and beyond.

I wanted to provide  sensible, unique, and time-spanning rewards for everyone who participates in getting this out to the people. Whether you contribute $5, $50, $500,  or can only currently afford to spread the word, each form of showing love is unique and beyond numerical value.

You are a part of this album. We’re partners in this.

Community is culture and “The Culture Is Back!”

– RoQy TyRaiD

Thank you RoQ Riffs!



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