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RoQ Riffs!!! Ya’ll good?!?!?!   How’s your morning/day/evening/artificialdarknessbecauseyourebingewatchingnetflix ?!  Really appreciate the feedback received on the first Respect The DJ segment on Fact 135, so I’m back with another segment on yet another Rhyme and Reason DJ by the name of LES 735.  Master of Mix and winner of Phoenix New Times’ “Best Turntabilist” in 2013. DJs, my man here is the Bane of DJs.  With DMC World Championship credibility to boot:

What did I tell you? I specifically said Les is the “Bane of DJs”. Walked away with 7th in the NATION. That means he does things like this on a weekly basis to lesser-qualified DJs who don’t bring it to the technical tables:


Les735 has been holding down Underground HipHop heads of the Phoenix Scene for  quite some time. Hence the honed skill and respected reputation for throwing up the baseball and cracking it out the damn confines of Chase Field.   Hailing from the indie collective known as The Avenue of The Arts Crew a.k.a. AOTAMouse Powell, Ill AlOhm, Beatnick, Courdek, Dj BlesedOne, Dj Psychopat, Mykr FiendX, Les735, and Rae Rae ) ,  Les has been honing his skills behind the wheels since around ’98. He’s been battling fools and sending Djs crying home with their lunchpails and crushed dreams since the turn of the millennium.  You like that, huh…”turn of the millennium”. Yeah, I’m taking credit for that.

Let’s drop some more dope information about what makes this dude a highly respected, talented,  and SKILLED DJ.   Talent is inherent.. it’s what he’s been honing and improving upon that makes him SKILLED, as well.

This recent spot on The Wake Up Show ?? Yes.. Sway, King Tech, and DJ Revolution ‘s stamp of approval of not only Les.. but the ENTIRE Rhyme & Reason crew, reaffirms all I’ve been putting you up on:

(The homie DJ Jaba One is also on there, too. Did you catch that??)


Yeah man.. plenty of accolades.. plenty of collaborations with LEGENDS and staples of the indie hiphop community under his belt. I’m talking, Dead Prez, R.A., Immortal Technique, KRS One, E40, Evidence, Elzhi, Pigeon John, Bus Driver, Blackalicious, Zion I, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Exile, Living Legends, Mr Lif.. man let me stop. There’s plenty more.

I mean damn , the guy ‘s group Central Products ( which includes emcees Jon Humble & Cashtue ) were even signed to EMI records back in ’05. So his reach stretches far beyond the creatively fertile lands of Phoenix , AZ.


He also throws an event with his talented wife DJ Mayra E, the two of which having become the Phoenix HipHop scene’s “power couple” , as of late with Mayra snagging a dope New Times feature discussing some veddy interesting topics from the perspective of a female dj  .  That was long winded but I had to get that out… the weekly show is called The Vent!!  VERY dope hiphop spot frequented by heads and out-of-state fans of hiphop, alike.


This is pretty much one of the go-to spots for Phoenix Indie HipHop nightlife and all that good stuff.  I was recently up there for their Mega-Lo-Mania after party , which featured MegaRan, Realistic, MysticBlu, and more..

THIS.. though?  This right here?!??!  This “Fader Matters” ??   Picture a cypher.. but djs… DOPE DJs..   Once a month, some of the illest djs come together and have a meeting of the minds. A cypher pow wow . I have seen it, and it’s damn dope.  Les is the spearhead of this said event. Give it a listen, this is incredible dope and innovative.

So not only does the guy Les represent for his own personal journey, but he also helps establish platforms for his DJ peers (because there are a LOT of dope turntabilists in the fertile Phoenix, AZ HipHop scene!! ) to utilize.  Community.. that is the very FOUNDATION of what this culture was built upon. So, #TheCultureIsBack salutes you, Les!!


You have a bevy of information now, on our second subject of Respect The DJ..   you can check him out at … you can hear him on Rhyme and Reason via 101.1 FM ( ) , you can see him at The Vent on Fridays in Phoenix.. you have the information. Now you have another DJ on your radar, world!!

In fact, let me give you just one more.. ONE MORE!!!

Alright RoQ Riffs!!  As usual, type your thoughts into the comment section below!!

Until next post, yall…    “The Culture Is Back!”


– RoQy TyRaiD

One more thing!! You can catch DJ Les 735 on Twitter as well as HERE..



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