Apollo Poe ft RoQy TyRaiD, Mr Miranda, Realistic – “Let Go”

RoQ Riffs!!! What’s good??!? How was the weekend and all of that ? Well, good. I guess. Clearly, this is a one-sided thing and I can’t read your answers.. don’t want to be weird about it and say “well, that’s too bad.. maybe better, tomorrow”.. or a complete dick and celebrate when you’re quite possibly having the worst day of your life.   So, we’ll move on. Let’s talk about this dope ass song, though.  Phoenix’s  Apollo Poe recently featured me on a dope song, alongside fellow spitters and fam Realistic DE and Mr Miranda ( Writer’s Guild!! ) ..

The song, titled “Let Go” is an ode to taking those certain struggles and hidden burdens, casting them aside, and just LIVING, for a change… Why spend so much time at the bottom of your limitations? Negativity is an anchor and your life is the body it’s tethered to.. don’t get kicked into the water.   Because nobody wants to be pushed off a bridge.. unless it’s in slow motion.. and it’s accompanied by a witty Wesley Snipes one-liner..

Let’s get back to the music..   Realistic’s kick this one off, paying homage to the absolutely perfect conditions for a day out with the friends. Apollo is next up with his approach, recounting his more confrontational self’s ways in a very unique intrinsic perspective. Mr Miranda is after him, with his ill delivery, putting up a smooth “fk you” to the struggle; wanting to relish in the rewards of his labor.  Finally, I come through and deliver my verse.

On a personal note, it touches on various misadventures of my past, which made me who I am today; namely, my former alcoholic mentality  as well as addictions. This is one of the first times I’ve talked about this over songs. One song I can remember, where I allude to previous problems, would be New Millennium Man’s  “Go Savage (ft. Deca)”.

This? It was a relief .  Especially since it was headed towards a demographic which I didn’t necessarily target.  It’s a relief to put myself out there. We’re all here as support for the next person. That’s what humanity is truly about. It’s not about blowing someone’s head off, it’s not about stepping on the next man’s shoulders to get to your destination — it’s about love and support.   So, if you appreciate this.. if you can relate to it.. or even if you only can acknowledge it from an understanding perspective… thank you.

Outside of that… let’s play some music!!

… oh, you think I wasn’t going to give out videographer credit,  huh??  You’re damned wrong.  Damn”ed” with an “ed” as in past-tense..  meaning, you’re ignorance towards this knowledge about me  should be left in the past.  I give credit where it is due.. and for that, I have to tip my hat to Mr Jason Parrish of ImageFXPhoto for the excellent work!!! This guy is someone to look out for.  He is also working on a super-secret video project , documenting Phoenix’s underground scene.   Waddap, Jason!


“Let Go” by Apollo Poe ft Realistic, Mr. Miranda, and RoQy TyRaiD


Alright RoQ Riffs!!  It’s been fun. Let me know what you think about in the comments below!!

Until next time.. live from Phoenix… “THE CULTURE IS BACK!!”


RoQy TyRaiD



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