RoQy TyRaiD – “TyRaiD Waves”

Happy Monday , RoQ Riffs!!!!  What’s  goin on in your direction? Music Monday and all that. I just realized , despite yall diggin the tunes,  I haven’t been shoving my damn music down your throats… because that’s sandbox rapper bs. I mean damn, though.. this is my site, right? LOL.. I can toot my own horn SOMETIMES? Right?? SOMEtimes???   Well, whatever. I’m going to , in this case. Mainly because I think this joint deserves a couple more views.   A while ago, I did a little impromptu joint while in the lab, just beginning on the project that would become “The Dichotomy of RoQy / TyRaiD “  … a certain artist by the name of Joey Bada$$ was making his rounds in the indiesphere with a particular song named “Waves”, which I took a liking to.   Those familiar with my project The New Millennium Man  are privy to my proclivity for .. as Ice Cube so eloquently put it  “jackin 4 beats”.


Initially, I intended on recording this for some contest some blogger dude named D Respect was doing at the time. Of course, long after that time expired, I still found myself really creatively and emotionally involved with this song.  The beat is just .. ILL.  How could you not want to rock over this LMAO!!


The song was about just getting out my thoughts at the time.. adding my..


…LOL!!! … Okay let’s cut the bs, MAYBE I did this to show folks I’m dope.. it wasn’t spite though.. it was out of the spirit of competition. That’s what the art of lyricism is about , right? Flexing and honing one’s ability?  That’s why I’m not above putting my own instrumentals from my upcoming project in the hands of artists who’d like to interpret their own perspective over my production.


In all honesty , I miss that mixtape environment… I miss that “maaaaaaan I’m going to take your beat and body that crap and there is nothing you can do about it” feeling. It’s all out of love of the culture and art of lyricism , though.    Wanted to give something to those who really appreciate that art of lyricism. I want to contribute to the rising standards of Underground HipHop in the international scene, and subsequently make the Phoenix Indie scene look well represented.


Here, just give it a listen, I’m doing too much talking..


And there you have it!!   “TyRaiD Waves”  .. back on my New Millennium Man stuff..  hope yall enjoyed.


What did you think , RoQ Riffs??   Comment below!!

Until next feature…






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