NEW VIDEO!! JIM KELLY!!! Semi-Acting Debut???

Yooo! RoQ Riffs!! Ya’ll good??!

It’s an honor to bring you another project I spent blood, sweat, tears, and hella creative energy composing.  The new joint is titled “Jim Kelly” and the visuals come right out of a comic book.

The song is a funk-laden, canvas of bars and subtle gems.. produced by my man Arza1990 of “Royale w/ Cheese” and  “Catharsis” off of my project The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD.

I really feel you’re going to enjoy this one.  The visual artist Garin Chadwick translated my vision of kung-fu trickery into real life, with some wonderful 70’s blaxploitation aesthetic to spare.  Wing Chung RoQy ?  Does that work? Too close to Kung Fu Kenny?   Don’t answer that.

What matters is I’m on my Ali shit, showing why your boy is one of the greatest of our new generation. Word to the downtown fight scene in the video.

Below are both the visual (thank you Vevo) annnnnd Spotify link.  Make sure you hit follow, too.

You know the mantra… THE CULTURE IS BACK!!

Jim Kelly by RoQy TyRaiD on VEVO.





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