RoQy TyRaiD – Rhyme and Reason Intro

RoQ Riffs!! Yall good?!?!   Since it’s music monday, I wanted to go ahead and  drop a little music on yall . This right here is an intro I did for Phoenix’s Rhyme and Reason on 101.1 FM ( .

This is what happens when “battles” happen, involving me . I end up putting them in an intro so it can be played into perpetuity. Sub battle I guess, since no name was dropped LOL.

The beautiful thing about R&R is they are one of the forefront hiphop segments , reaching far outside the area of the Phoenix HipHop scene. True purveyors of underground hipop music. Epitome of indie. They’ve been representing me for years and I had to show love by posting this good ol intro on there. Smashing through one of my favorite beats.

Hope yall dig it!

Alright RoQ Riffs!! Hope yall dig the goings on of todays post.

Let me know what you think.



– RoQy TyRaiD



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