SHOWS – RoQy TyRaiD LIVE IN GLENDALE, AZ w/ Special Guests

RoQ Riffs!! Yall good?!?!? Hope the day has treated you well! So, I’m doing another show in the AZ area.. and I’m a bit excited .. can’t even lie to you. This one is going to take place in the city of Glendale, AZ.. part of Phoenix ‘s dope Underground HipHop scene. Special guest DJ will be with me, can’t even let you know who it is.. you’ll just have to either show up if you’re in the area, or see the youtube after!!

So here we have it.. you’re asking things such as “where is it at?” …”when is it?”… “how much does it cost?” .. “how the hell did Chris Rock, or Ice-T for that matter, survive that long ass jump in New Jack City?


Well.. I can answer three of those three questions:


  • WHERE: SO LOUNGE is  where you need to be September 26th, 2014..  it is located off of 59th Ave and Peoria (10630 N 59th Ave,Glendale, AZ 85304)
  • WHEN:   SEPTEMBER 26th , 2014 !!     DOORS OPEN AT 8PM 
  • HOW MUCH?! :  $5 dollars  <– click the link.. I’ve been waiting since this site’s inception to do this.


Now, SO Lounge has a pretty heavy rep in the Indie scene out here in Phoenix for killing shows in monumental ways.


Did I mention my dude ELJAYBEATS of The LO Classics is going to be providing the tunes.. ??   As an avid reader of my site ( lol )  .. you’re already familiar with the talented brotha.

I’m honored to have some cool openers, as well..  BrandonLee …. STAT  … and STREETS

and of course..  OHM from AOTA is hosting…   so, from front to back, the show is covered!  Heads are expected to be in attendance, so come out and enjoy the music with us. Depending on how packed and live it gets, I may even premier a new song for yall. Who knows!!!

For more info or to add the event to your Facebook list, you can click riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhht   **HERE**

S/O to the good sir, Nacho for organizing this event around what I do creatively. That is beyond dope.

I haven’t done this in a while… who knows??  Pack the club up and we may have too much fun. LOL

( Speaking of which, Derrick Reed (DIR: Spicy Fud) and I are working on something ILL for you all .. can’t ruin the surprise yet. )

Alright, folks. Always good delivering the monologue to your screens.

See you at  SO LOUNGE off 59th and Peoria(10630 N 59th Ave,Glendale, AZ 85304)  On  SEPTEMBER 26th, 2014 !!!

Don’t forget to click “GOING” on THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE!! 

Alright RoQ Riffs, until next time.  “THE CULTURE IS BACK!!”


-RoQ’y TyRaiD





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