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RoQ Riffs!!  Yall Good?!?!    What’s going on, though?!!  Happy Damn Friday!!!  You made it!   Whether you worked your behind off and thought you’d end up placing your keyboard against the side of your coworkers face..

..or spent the last week watching netflix in between states of sobriety and weird lucid dreams.. which is cool. I don’t judge…


What matters is Friday is here..  which means I get to drop an episode of RoQyPiece Theatre on you all.   This one is a bit special, to me. Definitely near and dear. Today, I’m dropping a documentary in your laps for you to either watch here, or research on your own when you get home.. as long as it’s THIS WEEKEND.


The title of the flick is “Man on Wire”.  Which stars a wire-walker named Phillippe Petit , a man absolutely dedicated to his passion of walking across buildings of his fantasies and living his dreams of performing arts. It’s so inspirational to me because what he does literally involves risking his life. It involves setting a goal and acknowledging the potential life hazards and saying “you know what, screw it.. I’ve already won in my mind”, and taking that literal step out into the clouds.


I say literal step into the clouds because this movie deals with his biggest obsession.  The original WTC Towers and their construction during the 70’s.  After walking various famous buildings from Europe all the way out to Australia , he set out to conquer the mythical Twin Towers.. to WIRE WALK ACROSS THE TOP OF THEM .. a true spectacle in the heart of NYC.

This is not something you do alone.  Luckily , for our protagonist , he had a solid troop of friends, confidants, and BELIEVERS who saw their own personal goals through the accomplishment of  Petit highwire walking the towers.   The level of teamwork and companionship is the stuff of inspiration. From his woman, to his best friend, to the various individuals who made it possible.. who believed..  it’s truly, truly and incredible story.  There’s an interesting twist to his and the teams inevitable fame and notoriety.. but you’ll have to see how it plays out..

During my pursuits in the Underground HipHop field,  especially during my previous “local rapper chapter” out in Phoenix,  I’ve had various interesting situations involving teams.. most were letdowns. Most were ego-centric , what-do-i-get-out-of-it fests. No common goals. No long term thinking.  It’s really sad, actually.   BUT.. BUT .. with persistence, you will find those who believe, which I was finally blessed enough to come across. Which is why this site is here, today (S/O Nick Norris of HipHop House!) I’ve made it a requirement for anyone working with me to watch this movie. To find THEIR inner “dream” through their connection with any one , or multiple characters in the doc.   This indie movie is spot on, for me.

I actually found the link on Youtube.. it’s the FULL doc, so you can watch it right here, right now.. !!


(The individual disabled embedding , but you can click here and watch it right off of youtube.. no worries!)

To suffice, here is the TRAILER

This is a movie YOU can relate to.  I know you have some pretty lofty goal or bucketlist.  Hope you can take home some sort of inspiration away from this.  No matter how difficult your path is.. just TRY.. you’ve got this. Just make sure to give it your all. If you’re going to have folks around you, make sure they aren’t the type to deter you from your goals. They should uplift you.

So.. what did you think, if you viewed it.  If not, what motivates you? Do you have any people who provide inspiration? Have you had any ups and downs in the pursuits of your dreams?  What is your story?? Let us know below!

Alright , RoQ Riffs!! Until next time.. #TheCultureIsBack


– RoQy TyRaiD



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