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Hey Hey-Hey-Hey!! What’s going on RoQ Riffs?? Back with another episode of RoQyPiece Theater  . This episode, you and I are going to check out the trailer to the upcoming EVENT  that is my fam and Writer’s Guild group member Random a.k.a. MegaRan ‘s documentary..  Mega-Lo-Mania.  The doc, which also co-stars the dope band Lo Classics, charts their west coast tour, leaving you with a deeper perspective of the man behind the mega blaster.   Mega-Lo-Mania is helmed  by Phoenix Director Michael Cardoza, who also directed Ran’s video “Doubt Me” .  I had the pleasure of privately screening the documentary before hand and this video is jam packed with MegaRan Trivia — expect things such as the origin of his persona “MegaRan”, being  discovered by Capcom, the emcee-band chemistry..  yeah  I’m personally excited to see this one released.

Random, the “Teacher. Rapper. Hero.” representing both Philly and Phoenix HipHop, has been making his impact in Nerdcore , a creatively outside-the-box subgenre of Underground / Indie HipHop; rising from show opener to outright star in a matter of a couple calendars. It works because not only is he uber talented on the lyrical tip, but he’s creatively versatile, and works SMART… and hard. Seriously, the guy spends 75% of the year on the road. Merging game/comic lore, social awareness, everyday-man scenarios, and raw lyricism to a variety of diverse beats, this is an Indie HipHop artist to set your watches to.  I’m sure you’re going to be more than entertained with this documentary.

If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to check out the premier of  Mega-Lo-Mania at Filmbar  PHX , August 22nd!  Ticket and location information can be found at

Be sure to follow MegaRan on Twitter at @MegaRan , or click on his website link to find out more about his tour to UK with other Writer’s Guild group member Mr. Miranda

Okay ROQ RIFFS!!  Time to let me know what you think about the doc!!



– RoQy

– RoQy



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