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RoQ Riffs!! You good?!? Had to hop out the cave to deliver another episode of RoQyPiece Theatre, because visual art is very much a part of HipHop’s core five elements. As you know, I’m a huge “moviehead”; big budget, independent, documentaries, epics, eclectic, political, biographical, timepieces, short films, you name it. There is something so captivating about the concepts of a “film”, that you can’t ignore. The shallow just chalk movies up to one-dimensional aesthetic pieces, who’s creative depth is easily outclassed by books.

Now, that’s not to say you aren’t more likely to run across a book which is better than it’s movie counterpart, or that Michael Bay-esque Hollywood Blockbusters aren’t shallow money grabs, rife with hateful stereotypes and unrealistic life expectations.. but there is something about the nuances and hidden gems within films, which cannot be denied.

One thing I appreciate, is when a movie is able to capture multiple elements and equally deliver them to the viewer, on the same plate. Especially — especially — when two of those elements are “comedic” and “social commentary” , respectively. When those two forces combine, you get the specialty-genre “satire”.

One thing you’ll soon discover, especially as I unload the next few RoQyPiece Theatres’, is that I love satire. You remember the one I did on Bamboozled, right?

Well, this one may not be as controversial as Bamboozled (and really.. not a lot is.. because.. damn), but it does hearken to the underlying prejudice within those gangster movies and television programs which we all love so much.. You know, the same Blu-Rays brothas keep within their homes, the same characters our music icons make reference to, or even name themselves after? I’m not saying I haven’t watched the Sopranos or don’t enjoy a good Tarantino film but.. I mean..


But anyways, that’s just a little background on why I think this video, I’m about to throw the spotlight on, is as intelligent as it is hilarious. Not only that, but for some reason, there isn’t any real footage on youtube, supporting my claim of PoC mistreatment. Well, minus this “Dead Nigger Storage” clip from Pulp Fiction I was able to find. We’ve all seen these scenarios more than we’d like to admit, though…  So anyhow, that setup brings me to this..


Absolutely hilarious reverse-take on the cliche “there goes the neighborhood” conversations often found within these types of movies. Check it out…and be sure to  hit Full Screen and don’t rob yourself of seeing that brown stone-and-green leaf splendor..

I find it genius because it sheds light on the unspoken misrepresentation of blacks in a genre where a respectable portion of it’s viewer demographic are People of Color.

Whereas a lot of movies are direct and admittedly over-the-top, it’s short pieces like this, which really stand out. In an industry full of subconscious programming, subtlety will always capitalize over direct preaching. Don’t believe me? Turn on The Boondocks.

Before we go, I want to shed light on the individuals involved in the :

Producer and Directorial credits go to Shaka King, who also wrote the film alongside Kristan Sprague ( who is credited for Film Editing), China Shavers, Cavalier, Jerard Anderson, Scott Thorough, Kali Wilder, David Andalman (also Asst. Director). Cinematography credits go to David Patterson. Also, because folks don’t normally throw this level of credit out: Costume Design goes to Charlese Antoinette Jones. Score, yet another one for dope, black indie films.

So.. if you still haven’t clicked play.. stop what you’re doing and watch. This is universally funny as hell.

Also, did I mention this is SUNDANCE approved?!

We need this joint to go viral. Spread the word, Riffs!

Alright RoQ Riffs, you know what to do. Drop a comment if you feel inclined.

Until next time, it’s your favorite indie emcee and “The Culture Is Back!!”


RoQy TyRaiD



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