Future Prospect IMPORTANT UPDATE + Moment of Hype

WHAT’S GOOD RoQ Riffs??!  Normally this post would involve me excitedly posting about hopping on this national tour to promote my upcoming album The Dichotomy of RoQ’y TyRaiD.  BUT, due to reasons out of my control, I will not be participating in the “Future Prospects Tour”.

To my supporters, fellow DJs/artists, and promoters, music is in my veins.. performing is as natural as breathing. So, believe me when I say that I have never even been LATE to a show for any reason , whatsoever. Punctuality is foremost, in my music dealings.  Currently, I am rerouting specific dates and promise to keep you all informed with immediate future plans to come build with each and everyone of you in YOUR town.


I can’t even lie to yall, though — Despite irrelevant deterrents, I was beyond excited to get out there and rock with you all in these upcoming weeks.  I mean, ECSTATIC, believe me.  C’est la vie, though, it’s all apart of the game we play in the entertainment field. The specifics don’t matter, at this point. What matters is I will be in your city SOON. I encourage you to still check the dates the rest of the tour is slated to rock at . The main reason I decided to post this online is to let you know all is well on my end. No health issues or anything. Let’s concentrate on building bigger and better situations for the culture.


Certain show arrangements are being planned, at this very moment.. and I’m sure you will all be rather surprised to hear them. The very “Prospect”  of performing excites me to the core: The specific feeling, density, and buoyancy of each stage; the mood lighting; the blaring speaker monitors; hastily sound checking before events; the ability to interact with so many different people; shades, walks-of-life, religious preferences, all of the strength of a cultural connection known as Hip-Hop?? To give to supporters the same energy I receive as a crowd participant when I attend shows. It is literally a rejuvenating, therapeutic, and euphoric feeling. Even thinking about it right now; I’m a child 9:47 PM, Christmas Eve, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive his gift.  Man! I love everything from the pre-performance jitters, to my pre-show rituals.

Speaking of which, let’s put all that cancelled tour stuff aside for a moment: THIS is what I listen to before virtually all major performance events. This speech strikes a whole new chord and provides a brand new level of inspiration, nowadays, for various reasons.  In fact, let me step back and let The Greatest finish this for me.



Beeth mode activated, as the kidth say…   Seriously, one thing I love about emceeing is there is always a standard of quality that must be maintained by all participants, and that there’s always someone gunning to out perform you. It’s called MASTER of Ceremony; no plural. Even though it’s for the love, and it’s all peace, there is always a hidden competitive spirit. You know, as in the art of sparring! I’m telling you, I’m not sure if you are faced with competition in the field you work in, but if it’s a field you LOVE… doesn’t that just bring the inner beast out?  Isn’t that a overwhelmingly “fun” feeling??? It’s never personal, usually no level of animosity behind it.  I pride myself on being a laid-back , humble, loving guy. Someone described it as “monastic”. LOL. On stage, though..  yes.  This.  This over music.


Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat


I LOVE performing on stage, man.  Cannot explain where the energy comes from.  It’s therapeutic.  And while it is the artist’s job to add to the overall harmony of the show, you have to approach every situation on stage like it’s an actual fight for survival… which IT IS  .   That gif above doesn’t have to be another artist (not EVERY TIME  😀 ) .. but , in reality, it could be whatever obstacle is attempting to deter you from performing at your best at the time:  bad mics; drunk sound man (the guy’s in this booths with all the wires and knobs you may have seen at shows); being physically sick; a non-cohesive dj/emcee unit; brand new, cynical crowd, vocal cord issues, insecure/ego-driven artists…. having to take a piss, suddenly LMAO!!  There are so many obstacles performing artists face, when it’s stage time.  Just have to step up there and beat it into submission while providing a spectacle for the lovers of this Hip-Hop sh*t!!!

What do you do that provides that level of energy and excitement? Doesn’t have to be at work, it could be hobbies , side jobs, sports, games, art? Anything?  What strives you to put 100% into something.  It could even be a 9-5 in order to pay for school. It could be hanging out with your family or participating in church events lol , anything!  I’d like to know what inspires YOU!!!

Don’t even fret , RoQ Riffs..  know that there are GRAND things on the horizon. The near “Future”  looks great..   talk to yall in a minute.

– RoQ

#TheCultureIsBack !!!


But yeah…  let me know what inspires YOU!






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