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RoQ Riffs!!! Ya’ll Good?!?!??!?!  Back real quick to inform yall of my Writers Guild members Random aka MegaRan and Mr Miranda (also known together as  “Mirandom“) ‘s UK foray !! It’s the ambitiously DOPE venture titled The Otherworld Tour.   This also marks Phoenix HipHop Scene veteran and US National Indie  Act Mr Miranda’s FIRST time out to the UK so that’s epic , in itself.  Out there doing it up, bringing new tunes to our fellow underground hiphop heads across the pond. Miranda joins Random as now the second Writers Guild member to take “the big leap” and you can bet everyone is cheering the gawds on!!

If you’re following either of them on Instagram, you’ll see everything is going quite damn swimmingly.   If you’re reading this and reside in the UK or even EU areas and can swing it.. make that trip to any of these listed festivals, you won’t be disappointed. Writers Guild never drops the ball!!


Sept 5th :  Leicester —> Alcon

Sept 6th:  The Centre For Computing History (that’s one epic venue name)  —> Cambridge

Sept 7th:  The Roxy —> Glasgow

Sept 9th: Surya —> London, bruv!

Sept 10th:  Kawaii Cafe —> Paris

Sept 11th-13th:  Ending it at  the good ol Superbyte Festival  in Manchester.

So, if you or any of our friends or family reside in the good UK, step on out to one or two of these shows. What other way could you wrap up the summer than with an act or two from my group Writers Guild!!


… maybe I may head out there soon enough  😉


Alright RoQ Riffs..  let me know what you think of the music posted above. And of course, you can check our Miranda and Random‘s facebooks right there to stay up to date. Def support my team, I’d appreciate it.  Let’s build!!

Until next time yall!!  “The Culture Is Back” !!!


– RoQy TyRaiD



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