Stamp of Approval – Bilal “Slipping Away”

RoQ Riffs!!!  Ya’ll good?!?! Friday. You either do or don’t have a job… you either do or don’t have money. None of that matters because ..well, I can’t think of a witty one-liner, this time. I’m writing this from a sports bar.  Why? Because I am hungry and want a burger. Too bad there is currently a Cowboys game playing. Not because I don’t like the Cowboys, either; which is true: I hate them. With an unbridled passion.  The reason I say “too bad” is because there is the living embodiment of Al Bundy sitting at the table directly at my 10 o’clock.. YELLING HIS ASS OFF.  Please, sir. I know the Cowboys aren’t that stellar of an or…  okay. He got up and left.  Rant: preemptively concluded.

Because every game is the superbowl when your team is the damn Cowboys. Unless you’re the Bucs.. damn they suck, this year.

That obnoxious bastard. Doing his best  Rick Flair impression every time the Cowboys touch the ball. It’s not that serious, man.  Chill. Making me loss my comedic edge, here.

I’m sorry, promised you all I would chill.   ANYWAYS.  Yeah..   time for another song recommendation.  THIS ONE is from globally acclaimed musician Bilal. The artist traveled out to Paris to shoot a rather interesting and time-appropriate song.  It is called “Slipping Away”. Can’t even lie, this was very poignant. There is a certain introspective element which really strikes a chord with me. There is not a lot of things more confusingly painful than being unable to stop this particular boulder from rolling down hill…

Commend Bilal and director Hans Elder for the creative craftsmanship behind the visual representation of the song.  I  can relate to the record and can therefore dig it, even more!

Okay, enough with the premise, check out Bilal’s new joint “Slipping Away”.

How was it? Dope, right?!?  Well, if you’re interested in checking out it’s home project A Love Surreal, you can head on over to Itunes! 

Alright,  RoQ Riffs, you already know what to do —  I provide dope underground / indie hiphop / soul , etc… you critique! Post below!

I’m out the gate for now.

Soooooooooo, live from Phoenix



– RoQy TyRaiD



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