Stamp of Approval – Eklips – DOPE beatboxing

RoQ Riffs!!! What’s good?!  Had to drop another Stamp of Approval on yall in order to close out the week.  Okay.. damn. Once again, I’m chilling here minding my own damn business and something absolutely extraordinary appears in my FB timeline which I had to share.  You probably read that as “ex’stro’dinary” huh? No.. you mustn’t pronounce it in such a basic dialect. You have to tap into your inner Enter The Dragon  you know.. when o boy said “ehhhxtra-ordinary” like the weird ass foreign  70’s villain he is.

I was introduced to this dope little gem that is a video of a beatboxer by the name of Eklips. Perfectly, PERFECTLY mimicking some hiphop favorites from our culture’s history. This is what this shit is about, baby.    Underground HipHop  / Indie Hiphop   heads.. stand all the way up and support this.  I miss being in frequent cypher circles where you’d have a talented beatboxer delegating the session.

Without further delay, let me just play this thing here.  We need more of this out in Phoenix lol seriously.  Hell, we just need more of it in general.  S/O to our friends out there in Europe holding hiphop down CORRECTLY.  This is why I’ll be heading out there sooner than later. This makes me beyond hype to perform out there.

You can check out more of Eklips The Human Beatbox <— right there!!   … OR his FB ….  <——- right THERE !!

Okay let me chill and just play this .. let me know what you think below !!  Until next time , yall.. peeaaace!!

Beatboxing at a higher level.. salute!! Scroll on down and check it out!!  Shout out to the European HipHop scene…

– RoQy TyRaiD

“The Culture Is Back”


I suddenly feel like playing some Rahzel on the good youtube real quick..   (you’re supposed to click that, btw)



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