Stamp of Approval – Homeboy Sandman – Problems

RoQ Riffs!! What’s good??!?!?!  New Stamp of Approval… this song is pretty damn ill..  another one by Homeboy Sandman.   This Knxwledge – produced joint is called “Problems” , off his upcoming second album off Stones Throw Records titled Hallways LP.  You can check for it in a couple weeks, Sept 9th to be exact.


I really appreciate the creative aspect of this song. It’s an introspective, reflective, analytical, enigmatic joint in which he tallies various unfortunate events at random.  The production by Knxledge is purely hypnotic. To me, it rides the line between moody and hopeful. From romantic issues, to the technical-creative confines rap music is placed in, to the cigarette-smoking stranger sitting next to dude , disturbing the writing session and inadvertently ruining Sandman’s sweatshirt LMAO. One of the reasons I’m a fan of the fellow indie emcee is because of his courage to step clearly outside the box and just put thoughts to pad. I think this song is a great example.

He toured through the Phoenix / Tempe HipHop scene some several months ago for the Dear Hunter tour which also starred the homie Open Mike Eagle and my bro / Writers Guild member MegaRan … so maybe another road trip through the desert is needed??

Anyhow.. check out the music.. enjoy!  Hallways.. Sept 9th!   “Problems” produced by Knxwledge ..

As usual , RoQ Riffs, comment below!!

Until next time.. “The Culture Is Back!!”


– RoQy TyRaiD



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