Stamp of Approval – Jay Electronica “Into The Light” (Trailer)

RoQ Riffs!! Ya’ll good?!?!?  Back with another segment for you good people.  Stamp of Approval number .. I don’t know.. click on the link if you really want to know.  Anyhow, let’s get it goin..


“Respect the Architect, never test the Elohim…”


Jay Electronica has never shied away from pushing the envelope when it comes to the aesthetics… which is why a collaborative effort between himself and the directorial guru Jason Goldwatch is always gold. For the uninitiated..  Goldwatch is responsible for ILL videos such as

Gangrene (Alchemist + Oh No) “Take Drugs”

Roc Marciano “76”

and of course Jay Electronica’s “Dimethyltryptamine” , which was filmed in Nepal.

I just treated you to some dope music. You see where this is going, right? Absolutely unstoppable pairing, when these two creative minds combine talents. Which leads us to this latest upcoming release, otherwise known as “Into The Light”. The project documents their 2007 trip to Nepal. If you clicked on the DMT video up above, you already know to expect an artistic treat.

This is all a part of the underground wordsmith’s recent buzz activity which included a highly controversial appearance at the 2014 Brooklyn Bodega festival this past summer, which involved Jay Elechannukah rocking an FOI shirt while rapping about some choice , less-than-dignifying material; culminating in an open letter from Hon. Minster Farrakhan. Also, I’d be remiss in failing to mention Jay Elec literally sticking it to the Rothschild Family.

Aside from all of that.. the Electronica’s creative engines HAVE to be spinning because of all this recent activity. It’s clear to see his sights are back on the indie realm of hiphop. I’m excited to see what comes of all this movement.. until then, we’ll have this dope visual to keep us entertained.

And as far as Jason Goldwatch…  pure genius.  Salute to Decon Records for being at the forefront of some creatively forward material, for the past several calendars.  Pretty much everything they touch turns into art pieces.

Check it!!

“Into The Light”  Jason Goldwatch +  Jay Electronica.

Alright RoQ Riffs, there you have it for now. Hope you enjoyed the visual. Comment below and let us know how you feel.

Until next time… live from Phoenix “The Culture Is Back!!”


– RoQy TyRaiD



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