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RoQ Riffs!! YEEOOOO!!!

What’s the damn word?!?! Another installment of  Stamp of Approval!! Wanted to introduce yall to a dope project by an phenominal producer and friend of mine by the name of M Slago. Hailing from the good land of Dallas, TX , M Slago has been putting in a lot of work behind the boards for quite some time. He’s placed some notable gems in the air with such features as the Attack The Wack series via our friends over at ProducersIKnow (which also features MegaRan) , a full on project with Homeboy Sandman (All That I Hold Dear), and of course my joint “Elysium”… to name a few.  Oh.. he also did my Wake Up Show insto, which you may have recently heard on Shade45 .

Well.. the audio architect is BACK with a solo project by the name of OLD JONESY for all beat heads and lovers of underground hiphop , in general. This is an indie gem.. I promise thee.  Do yourself a favor and check it out..   The embed player is down below, so you can play this at work or while cleaning up around the house.   This is atmospheric music. Vehicular music.

I’m not articulating this well enough.. Samuel L Jackson.. take over for me!! *tag team high five*


So.. I came across this promo video


My reaction to the production was….


… what was the name of this glorious beat flip????


I hit up M Slago asking about the project (because I’d be doing this feature).. and the scholar gentlemen gave me my press download code (my first one, I’m celebrating).  So my reaction was essentially..

Enough said!!  Went about my random day and that was that…


…And when I finally had the opportunity to sit down and listen to it, my next reaction was…

Before I even begin discussing what this dope project is about, let me provide you the embed box. Give me a second.. let me find it.. wait right there..

Sorry, he gets a little overly amped. He does have a proclivity for a little bit of ignorance per role.

You didn’t watch that whole thing, did you? I mean, does he have that as a clause in his contracts, or something? I got about 45 seconds in and I literally felt the numerical representation of my IQ dropping exponentially. Sam has the vernacular of a drunk uncle… you know.. that drunk uncle. The one who sits on his couch all day  drinking Miller Lite,  with a cigarette hanging off his lip a la Chappelle  in  Trading Spouces… talking about “you look just like yo daddy”.   Smh.

But uh.. anyways, yeah…. here it is.. I almost forgot what I was talking about.


From the moment the tape kicks off with Bordeaux , I immediately felt like I had a tape with multiple uses. Excellent driving material.. obviously, material I would be using to brainstorm music and spark creative ideas through, and just over all mood music. I’m the type of dude who brings his own playlist to the club because I’m weird like that. This project is falling into that said list.

There are so many gems on here… ones which personally strike a chord with me are joints such as Hazel Eyed Woman, Could You, Lift, smooth compositions like Floral Arrangements.  I don’t think you quite understand how strong this tape is. My Boo Thang is pretty damn dope.. the swing in it is just  so “cool”. What sounds like either those japanese water log things, or a phone clicking, as the snare? Yeah. That’s dope. My Boo Thang is a “cool”  evening joint you may play in your whip while riding around with your shortstop. Dope conversational piece.  I mean there are so many ways to skin a track.

The psychedelic sounds of Eyes On You..  I could imagine some soulful vocal compliments to this already perfect composition. It’s fire.  This is definitely the type of joint that may “accidentally” slip into that “playlist” you “accidentally” left on when you and the young misses end up ending up.  This makes you want to step your sound system up.

Speaking of “sound system required”  Sing Your Heart out is  an ode to the thump gawds. The way it transitions from barebones to full melodic instrumentation is HEAVY.  Yo, fam.. I need one of these beats!  LOL jokes.

I really appreciate the creative genius that went into Snowball Blues. Something about it, to me, seems nostalgic. Like I’m subconsciously looking back in retrospect about various adventures and random events. I really dig the atmosphere this song created.

Just realized I’m doing a semi-review of the project. I really just wanted to get you to download it.. but I’m just freestyling away, here.


High Trip..   High Trip


High Trip is my theme beat for the next 72 hours. I’m going to play it until it tells me to press next.


Alright.  Between Samuel L Jackson and myself, you have enough Stamps of Approval.


Once again.. you can check out the project RIGHT HERE.. purchase it.. it’s only 5 bucks.  Also, M Slago is available on Twitter , of course!


Give it a listen and let me know what you think , RoQ Riffs!!

From Phoenix to your screen.. until next post.. peeeaaaaace


RoQy TyRaiD   “The Culture Is Back”



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