Stamp of Approval – Mac Lethal – Incredible Mozart Rap

Um… damn. Yo, RoQ Riffs.. check this one out..!!  Over here going over some Clean Up Crew Radio things with my dude Nick Norris and we stumbled upon THIS little gem of a rap, courtesy of  Kansas City, MO  Underground HipHop  lyricist Mac Lethal.


Being an emcee, I always .. ALWAYS show love to a fellow lyricist.. especially if they’re doing something beneficial to the culture.  That’s what this site, The Culture Is Back ,  is ultimately about, man. Us as a whole.. not just me.. not just you.. US and our journey. Plus, nice is nice.. and this is pretty damn nice.  He spit over Mozart.. not a sample flip or loop. The actual damn classical music score. Not only that, it is filled to the brim with substance.


Basically, what happened is  Mac Lethal received an email from a 53 year old high school teacher by the name of  Mrs. Francine, who expressed her appreciation for the dude’s music. She lamented she could not actually play his music to her class because of the vulgar / controversial subject matter in his discography.  She then asked if he could custom make a “fast” record she could share to the students….. and “hinted” at him using Mozart lol.


Two weeks later, he posts this..

A “fast rap song” providing lessons of life to the young high school students. Everything from taking initiative in life, getting a job, getting 8 hours of sleep, to looking people in the eye when you speak; LMAO even brushing your damn teeth. Bravo. I’m a fan of this.

It’s VERY clever. His cadence closely follows the momentum of one of Mozart’s greatest pieces .. and for that, I salute the fellow indie emcee. This is what I mean by “The Culture Is Back” creatively-different stuff like this.    Edutainment..  Educational and Entertainment.

Give it a listen and let’s keep pushing this dope hiphop stuff back into the daily conversations of the masses. Respect to you from Phoenix, Mac!



Until next post ,  RoQ Riffs!!




RoQy TyRaiD



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Let me know what you think about the dope message to the kids and the literal mixtaping of Mozart LOL!  Comment below!!



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