Stamp of Approval – Mr Miranda "Rising To The Top"

RoQ Riffs!! Yall good?!?!?! Maaaan, I”m not going to apologize for my little lapse in updating the website. I”m doing a lot over here… damnit.  Anyways, Let”s Get On With The Music….  Wanted to introduce you to a new video from my Writers Guild band member and friend Mr Miranda.  This is latest effort is called “Rising To The Top” , which is produced by 3KubeBeats and shot by Jon Diaz of Soundvision. This is what underground / indie hiphop is about, correct?!

Rhetorical question.

Prepare to be astounded by another dope effort from the Phoenician!! Check it out here and let us all know what you think!!

Look for the cameo, too!


I really appreciate the aesthetic quality of the video; gallivanting through the state — from the indescribable beauty of Arizona”s upper region, down to the big city.  Shots of park cyphers, kids breaking. This is a very strong vid online casino from the dude.. and this does not come with any sort of bias. Quality is a guarantee from The Guild!!

Once again, be on the look out for his latest project, Honesty Is Not A Sin (you”re suppose to click that).. which was actually reviewed by The Source.. aka The HipHop Bible. LOL.  Since we”re getting link-happy, over here.. head on down to to read the dope article on Arizona HipHop, which he, myself, and other Writers Guild members Penny & MegaRan are also featured in.. shout out to Matt Whitlock on the excellent penmanship.

Alright, RoQ Riffs!! I have to go pack for these next few shows. If I don”t freeze to death, I”ll be back with more timely updates.

Until next post!! Live from Phoenix!



-RoQy TyRaiD



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