Stamp of Approval – Stevie Wonder + The Roots on Fallon

RoQ Riffs!!!!!!  Ya’ll good???   Hope you enjoyed the weekend and what not. Back with another weekend of excellent music and memorable occasions. I don’t know how this slipped by me.. and I’ll go ahead and accept the blogger-dreaded …wait up.. I just referred to myself as a blogger…WTH..


Have to beat that struggle term out of my system. I called myself a “blogger” 🙁 I’m going to start post jacking acting self entitled like the majority of those vultures. Pretentious asses.

Anyhow… damn, lost my train of thought.  I’m late on posting this by a couple days. Nonetheless , it’s absolutely awesome.  Jimmy Fallon…  The Legendary Rooots Crew…  Stevie “Locs” Wonder.   A godfather of music meats the underground-hiphop-phenom-turned-americana-icon  otherwise known as The Roots.   Now, as you know.. the boys from the illadelph get pretty damn busy..  from past to present.   One thing they do seamlessly , as well.. is just play some really dope music.  Remember their guesting on the infamous Unplugged series, of yesteryear?


Well…  here they are ..  the group, indie emeritus… with the one and only Stevie Wonder!!!

Don’t act like you didn’t nearly explode with hype when you heard him shout The Roots around -48 Secs ….
Here’s some more.  Doesn’t it just sound so positive??  What a way to start your Monday.
I’m telling you people, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and admire these folks while they are still alive. We have spent too much time downplaying the role these musicians and icons have played in our lives, with them only receiving due praise posthumously.  Ray Charles, James Brown, Maya Angelo ……….  Michael Jackson….   Seriously, if they made some sort of positive impact on your lives their their body of work, be vocal. I know , I know “they’re celebrities”. No one is saying worship these people or perceive them as deities.. just be unafraid to show respect for someone’s contribution to art.  As a musician, albeit an indie one lol but one nonetheless, it’s refreshing to know that my work has impacted someone’s life.  That is one of the reasons we do this..  it’s a community effort.  Let’s give respect where it is due!
Just some food for thought from the chef.
Alright , RoQ Riffs.. you know what time it is. Let’s start that convo below.
Live from Phoenix.. I’m out !!  “The Culture Is Back!! “
– RoQy TyRaiD



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