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The 5th Element: Mayweather vs McGregor - The Culture is Back

The 5th Element: Mayweather vs McGregor

RoQ Riffs!! Ya’ll Good?!  Been a long time since I did a 5th Element (of Hip Hop.. which is Knowledge, btw). So, I figured, in light of the oddness surrounding the clearly orchestrated match up between two less-than-admirable individuals, I figured .. and as the pious reincarnation of the trio known as NWA once said “why the fuck not?” 

So, here we go:

I’m thoroughly convinced 92.1% of folks talking about the fight know nothing about boxing.

*Connor  (*pettily misspelling his name after someone corrected me on it, yesterday)  fought as expected: sloppy, with terrible form, and the endurance of an average member of LA Fitness.


This was basically The Great White Hope 2017; where America was so appalled over the thought of a hyper wealthy, physically dominant, shit-talking, black man who does what he wants, that they searched far and wide for the consummate [white] athlete to defeat him.  And before those stricken with fragility try to debate me, this has been in the works since media tried to pair him with Ronda Rousey.  Which is an indictment of social and racial stratification.

Granted, I don’t like Mayweather as a person.  He’s actually a pretty horrible individual as evident by his spousal abuse. But this is what it is: so called patriots and “proud americans” all casting their ballot for the literal Irishman.  Floyd is by NO means a athletic activist. He’s not kneeling or preaching pro-BLM rhetoric. He represents  the same system these flag waving “protect our freedom / ‘ we’re all american’ ‘s subscribe to.. so?  Why not go for your own?

It’s certainly not for moral reasons. And it’s definitely not due to athletic prowess, which is why some folks desperately expected a 2015 Pacquiao  to defeat Mayweather who was clearly the better athlete day or night.

And you wouldn’t trust a short order cook over a chef of a particular cuisine..

So why cheer SO ADAMANTLY for someone not aligned with your own patriotic beliefs you use as a symbol of identity [and exceptionalism]???

Espousing your beliefs of Conner’s dominance  being attributed to age, and that knowing multiple forms of combat clearly makes one a master of them all (LOL)..

But if that were the case, you would more than likely back a GGG match up over someone who literally is NOT a professional boxer.

So what is it? Canner, a champion in his own right, is still only a champion in a recently lauded combat sports league.  Mayweather literally transcends the multiple-millennia-old-sport of boxing (infamously, but still)  as a “great” (Ward’s better).  Boxing, which makes this particular sport niche AF. So what would drive media to RAPACIOUSLY market this as some sort of “fight of the century” ?  To either lower Floyd to (this), or raise Connar up to (this is actually what they did) an equal playing field.

I’m not outright saying “every single person who opted for Kahner is doing so out of unchecked , closeted racism”,  but to not say that most Americans did in fact subscribe to the marketing tactic of aggravated racial tension, would be an oversight.

They mocked Floyd’s appearance (while celebrating rappers of the same age for similar reasons),  they mocked his education (playing into the false stereotype of blacks being less cognitively capable), and other things used as hollywood tropes and sociopolitical propaganda for deconstructing black men in the public eye.

They turned around and praised Connour for the same venom they chastised Floyd over, because.. he occasionally wears a suit.  If the hype all rests in wardrobe choice, Jidenna should be Bruno Mars in about a week. I mean, didn’t McGreg just call blacks “dancing monkeys”, within this last calendar? Then there’s the comment about sexualizing black women and “being black from the waist down”..  Oh, then there’s the “he fought like a Mexican” comment.

I just can’t wrap my finger around why hate for Floyd is so vile, in comparison to Connar…….

I don’t know why media would position them as either equals or as if Floyd is challenging him (see most promo flyers’ positioning of the fighters as evidence).

If it weren’t spearheaded by pure racial tension, clearer heads would have surmised that a fighter not conditioned to go 12 rounds in a niche sport as technical as boxing, should NOT go against a champion emeritus of said sport.  Btw, 40 is not a death sentence. So much so that I won’t aid in providing examples. Google it if you need further convincing.

Moments of clarity were all but literally synchronized WORLDWIDE, once fleeting fight fans realized just why Floyd was so “slow to the start”.  Connor left the fight disheveled and exhausted…also inconceivably rich, with his name etched in BOXING history and american family dinner tables. All for standing up to the big, bad, black man “who clearly isn’t that great if a MMA fighter could last 10 in the ring”.

Conor McGregor is the MAGA Warrior that people such as Richard Spencer (he get’s no links, fuck his SEO) clamor for.  Trump supporters blinded by their own inherent racism and deeply subconscious beliefs of racial superiority, swap McGregor from savior to martyred hero.  Completely missing not only the styling of Floyd Mayweather, but the entire science behind boxing.   In reality, the outcome has nothing to do with race but the sheer obviousness that skill, physical conditioning, and technical execution determine the outcome.

The feeling is almost that of shame, for comparing Floyd to Jack Johnson of century’s past.. but this is what should be recognized as

Great White Hope 2017.

Reasons were used, excuses were provided. And as expected, both of these assholes capitalized off good old fashioned American racial tension.. and racist America’s aggressive desperation to supplant a veteran of two decades with a lesser athlete,  solely based on pigmentation and supposed cultural reliability.

And here we are debating, no more better now than we were Saturday morning.

But truthfully, when it’s all said and done,  if scaffolding could fall and take them BOTH out, we’d all be better people.  *Throwback Yeezy Shrug*


RoQy TyRaiD

The Culture Is Back



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