Why do you care about my heritage? (The 5th Element)

RoQ Riffs, what’s good?! I came across a poignant youtube the other day and felt the need to share this for every time I’ve been asked if “both my parents are black”. Btw, yes they are. And it wouldn’t matter if they weren’t. The perception of what is or isn’t black in america is such bullshit. I remember going out with this girl, nice individual.. until she expressed that I didn’t look like “normal black people” and so forth. The amount of science that was put into my wordplay, as I verbally pressed the ejector seat button on her ass, was historic.

Go ahead.. 0:00-2:06. Indulge.


Blacks do it, too. I’ve been asked “what are you REALLY?” “You’re not black-black, like me” .. when despite the fact that the particular individual was a mere 3-4 shades darker complected, her genetic makeup consists of european, as well. Then, you have that Willie Lynch Bullshit online (don’t scroll past without clicking this link, either) , otherwise known as ‪#‎teamlightskin‬ ‪#‎teamdarkskin‬ . My nephew, born to my “light skinned” uncle and “dark skinned” auntie, is darker than my auntie, despite looking just like the spitting image of my uncle because: GENETICS.

We as Americans are so systemically DEFINED and DIVIDED by our genetic characteristics that we are insatiably compelled to know what the next individual’s entire ethnic make up is, so we can create a specific profile for them, subconsciously. It’s literally a part of our day-to-day life. Even for the most “open-minded” of us out there.

It doesn’t matter. We are who we say we are and need not be questioned any further. The moment I feel like breaking down the origins of my ethnicity, you’ll be the first to know.


“The Culture Is Back”



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