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Late pass. Yeah, whatever.  You clicked here, which means you obviously either want to A: rewatch this dope  trailer B: read what I have to say about it.. or C: tell me “late pass”. In which case I should fight you…

Now that you threw off my whole routine… and I had to defeat you (you know the rules of the game.. we have to “call” which one we are.. you, by default, are the guy hanging from the meathook by the eye.  I’m sure you have insurance )… we can get back to the normal routine of things:

ROQ RIFFS!!!  Y’ALL GOOD?!?!  Back with another episode of The Comic Stash!!  HipHop is inherently tied to comic books, as previously stated.. but I’ll refresh your memory if you’re either too lazy to open a second link.. or your phone sucks like mine and you’re too impatient to wait for loading times:  Ghostface = Tony Starks; Method Man = Johnny Blaze… Big Punisher?   So, without saying. Comics are like the underground / indie hiphop of tangible literature. You find the raw there. The ill stories. Imaginations run with no breaks. Thats what this indie stuff is about.  You know .. it’s pointless to state how damn EXCITED everyone is.. including your slightly judgmental mother-in-law.

Check this trailer out.. I have some questions for you, after we’re done.

So, that was dope, right? Excited?!  So, from how the trailer is set up.. is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ultron a product of Hank Pym..? Or Tony Starks, as MCU has set up? Because, if you remember in Iron Man 3 , the suits were all going sentient thanks to the extremis. It seems Starks will create bots to save the damned world.  Ultimately, this will backfire… because first-attempt solutions aren’t marketable storylines in Hollywood.

  • Captain America.. his shield.. what the hell happened??  Who ripped it in half? Yeah.. I did that.. but the question is, why would I tear his shield??
  • Iron Man’s awesome “Hulkbuster” suit (the huge one.. obviously)..  is HE in it while it was fighting against The Hulk?? Please, yes. Please, yes. Because if it’s true, hopefully it means Hulk wigs out and ends up being shipped off into space.. kicking starting a Planet Hulk storyline…?? Yes?? Ruffalo has shown he can hold down his own Hulk movie.
  • Ulysses Klaw is seen in the trailer.  For those who may be a bit unfamiliar, he is an arch enemy of Black Panther, a role which has gone uncast as of yet. Could this mean T’Challa is in the movie?? After all, the trailer prominently displays a shredded Captian American shield.  Black Panther’s nation, the resource-rich Wakanda, is one of the very few places in the Marvel Universe, which contains the vibranium which the shield is composed of.  Don’t mess this up, MCU. Bring in T’Challa.

Will THIS scene be in the movie?!?!

Anyhow, one could only hope.  AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON: Spring 2015, it all goes down.   After that… Captain America 3 in 2016. Same year as  Batman V. Superman.  So, if the world doesn’t implode on it’s social media addicted, mcdonalds eating, CoD cookie-cutter sequel playing self… we’ll have a pretty dope couple years of ILL flicks to check out.

Alright .. you know what to do.. comment below. I’m out.

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