The Comic Stash – Batman vs Superman

RoQ Riffs!! What’s good??  This is The Comic Stash .. the name is as it implies lol.  “How does the comic book culture apply to hiphop?”  Iron Man, Tony Stark, (Big) Punisher, Willie Evans Jr , Jean Grae, David Banner..(Method Man) Johnny Blaze ???…… MF DOOM???? …    Comic Book Culture ‘s connection to Underground / Indie HipHop is inherent. Straight up.


So, yes.. there will definitely be some comic book ranting going on here, dammit.   Especially about my rap personality , illustrated in the form of Batman. Yes. I claim dibs. LOL anyways.. there’s been a little hype going on here and there about the movie. I’m sure you’ve heard enough about it on your facebooks and 15 min break circles at the good 9-5, so no need to really go into detail on the basics .. you already know that:


  •  It is a sequel to the Man of Steel movie .. which was perfect and had ABSOLUTELY NO FLAWS, OKAY?!   lol
  • Will also be directed by Zack Snyder.. Lord Ether of all that is “potential”..
  • Stars Ben Affleck  .. or Aflac.. or however you spell his name. Moving on..
  • Is ALLEGEDLY inspired by  Dark Knight Returns.. which is where the ears come from..


I will drop a refrigerator on him if he fails this role. *Jadakiss laugh*


Yeah… yeah.. I know.. in WB’s obvious act of desperation, they decided to jam pack Wonder Woman in the movie, as well as  Cyborg (the “black guy who dies in the movie” who won’t quite die-die..) and I believe Aquaman, as well, right??  They are trying to catch up to Marvel Studio’s Avengers multi-movie storyline, by titling this movie.. drum roll..

Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice

Coincidentally, this is the same face he made when he finally discovered how neck-deep in the friendzone he was with Roxanne… Better take that trip, Max… take that trip!! Trust me!


…. it’s a stupidly silly feature title, right?


Anyways.. while the potential dopeness of the movie is diluted by a futile attempt to copy the competition. There is one thing we know will happen.  Batman and Superman are going to be at odds.  As a 90’s kid  who watched the Batman / Superman adventures on Kids WB.. I can’t wait to see how the dynamic of their initial rivalry and inevitable partnership / fragile friendship / respect is formed.

Can’t tell me this wasn’t DOPE .. this is from the animated series adaptation of World’s Finest:

YES!!!  The thumbs up! That was too damn ill.   Naturally , I’d like to see what comic book references are within the movie. Really hoping he doesn’t take Christopher Nolan liberty with the movie and bastardize dope source material.  The line has always been drawn down the middle as to “who would win”.  Yes… YES we know that Superman could “vaporize him unexpectedly ”  or use his speed to catch him off guard.

But you know us Batman enthusiasts have a point!!  IF ENOUGH TIME IS GIVEN and it’s not a SPONTANEOUS attack.. Batman stands a very.. VERY good chance.  Hell he keeps a kryptonite ring in his pocket.   Bats keeps record of all Justice League members strengths , weaknesses , and has contingency plans for taking down each and everyone. Tactics which were stolen and employed by adversaries in the past, to the distrust of JL members.

So.. with that, I’m saying.. it could be a pretty damn good match.. an even “enough” match for it to be feasible..


So..  my question to you..    WHO  ARE YOU GOING FOR???


Yall know who my money is on


All bias bs aside.. I’m hyped..

I know we have to wait until 2016.. but it’s never too early to start up a debate. Comic heads are about to let me have it, I can feel it.. smdh.. I’ll take some homemade enchiladas for my last meal.

My last words,

RoQy TyRaiD

lol.. comment below!



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