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RoQ Riffs!! What’s going on fams??   Hope the day is going by well.  Back with another episode of The iLL Venue.  Now, I know this isn’t technically a “venue” per se, but it’s a place I’ve recorded at quite frequently and I think it deserves to get it’s own sort of special recognition. Today, we’re going to take a trip to a spot by the name of HandKrafted Studios, otherwise known as HKS.  It’s a very damn dope place in which services greater Phoenix and some rather interesting, noteworthy artists.

It’s helmed by Brian G.  , a Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Graduate as of 2005. As of it’s completion and grand opening in 2010, he has been working along side artists such as myself , MegaRan, Cappadonna, Bag of Tricks, and a laundry list of talented local and regional acts. Hip Hop, Underground, Indie, Pop, Street, R&B, whatever, nothing is outside Brian’s expertise. State of the art set up, myriad of plugins, isolated & treated vocal room… which is impeccable, mind you. Lofty studio with room to creatively stretch your legs.  Plus it’s located in the quite North Phoenix region.  Definitely a nice break away from the St / Ave madness. On top of that, I personally find him to be one of the most creatively open minds in the Phoenix region. This spot and accompanying engineer are conductive to creative growth. Input you can trust.

For my hardware junkies, when I say “dope set up”  I’m talking stuff like Pro Tools 10.. Control 24.. UA Solo/610 Preamp .. API Lunch Box.. Shadow Hills Preamp.. Rosetta 200.. Digi 002.. Distressor.. KRK Rockit 8’s WITH the Subwoofer, shun!! AKG 414.. and , of course,  Blue Baby Bottle Mic for that crisp vocal works.  Since most of yall aren’t tech junkies, let’s just talk music:


let me post a few notable joints recorded on location!!

And or how about this.. 😀

Basically, it’s a damn good studio. One which has become a go-to spot for artists (particularly those of the Phoenix HipHop scene) looking to get out their dreams, in the past couple years. Here is my salute to a dope ass lab!!

I decided to include this in the “Ill Venue” section because without the lab, there is no recording, no infinite well of creative expression for you to tap into on your own free will. The studio is to the album what electricity is to the DJ.

For more information you can visit

Alright RoQ Riffs, until next time .. I’m out!! Peeeaaace!!


– RoQy TyRaiD



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