The iLL Venue – WTFunk Fridays – 9.19.2014

RoQ Riffs!!! Ya’ll good?!?!?  Hope the weekend treated you well.  Was off saving the universe from alien invasions in the form of ridiculously cheesy  Dart Commercials .. and needless to say, I was unable to post. All that aside..  I have a dope show for you to attend. I’m not rocking this one, but I’ll still be attendance, as should you if you’re in the Phoenix area.  It is the internationally known, nationally recognized, and locally accepted  WTFunk Fridays of Tempe / Mesa, AZ.   Hosted by the AWOL crew lead by the main man in charge “Wally” ,  WTFunk has been a staple for underground hiphop in the southwest scene for a few noteworthy years.  This is one of the stops indie hiphop acts look towards booking, when charting out their successful tour.  WTFunk Fridays is that gem. Diverse crowd , open-minded individuals. A slew of local and regional talent… drink specials, you drunkies…  what the hell more could you want?!?!


Let’s break down the artists who will be in attendance …


Mr Miranda!!!!   Who just returned from his UK tour with other half of Mirandom,  MegaRan

Medaforacle !!   NY Born and Raised and running at the top tier of Phoenix HipHop scene’s short list of dope spitters.  Def keep a look out for this dude, as well!!

And of course, Phoenix’s veteran right here on stage.. Beat Locker 101.1 FM ‘s very own Pokafase!!  **SKIP TO 3:00 **


Who are the DJs backing everything up??

DJ J20!!

DJ Marvel !!


DJ YKNOT (featuring WTFunk’s Sauce)

BobZilla !!

and live artist  Caballero !!!!  (clicking on the picture takes you to some pretty NSFW art LOL!!)


All of this will be at the NEW Club Red ‘s West Theatre.. located at 1308 University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201

Alright!! You know the rules.. I post , you provide comments!!!

See yall next post !!  “THE CULTURE IS BACK!!”


RoQy TyRaiD



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